Knork Flatware Tray

Project Brief.

Knork contacted me to create some mock-ups of a possible flatware tray using Photoshop.  After questioning their motives, it was established that they could get me a 3D model of each of their pieces of flatware so I could create renderings for them to use during their proposal.  Luckily, Knork and their perspective retailers were ecstatic.  Now that a design had been established, I worked alongside Knorkwith RapidPSI to refine the design before production. You can now purchase this item online or in house good stores.

After designing the flatware tray for Knork, they asked me to finish my product by designing a wrap to highlight the item’s use and other information about Knork.  Using a front to back strip, the item sets itself apart on shelves through its minimal design and vertical strip packaging.

Project Info.


Knork Flatware


Product Design, Packaging Design